SOE Media Kit & logos

Click on the links below to download promotional ads and banners for use in promoting SOE 2025


The SOE Congress logo is updated for each individual Congress and has different designs for each Congress.

The use of the SOE Congress logo is prohibited without the permission from the congress committee. Should you wish to use the SOE congress logo, please send your request to:

 SOE Society logo

The “badge” – shows Europa, daughter of king Agenor, frolicking with Zeus on a beach in Crete. Zeus had taken on the disguise of a white bull to approach the beautiful Europa. The badge has the form of a teardrop. Tears of sorrow and tears of joy are a privilege of mankind. Sunlight and vision reveal the world. The “badge” was offered to the SOE in 1968 by Prof. L. Werner (Dublin). The design is based on a suggestion by Prof. J. Charamis.

Photography, video and audio recording

SOE has strict guidelines regarding the use of photography, video and audio recording equipment. If registered media want to take their own photos they must send a written request.

An official SOE photographer is appointed.

SOE 2025 Abstracts Embargo Policy for Media

All abstracts will be available to the press for viewing on the conference website.   Abstracts will be available under the Scientific Programme menu tab of this website.

Information for abstracts accepted for the SOE 2025 Congress will be under embargo from release until the start of the SOE 2025 Congress to be held in Lisbon,  7 – 9 June 2025. Data from abstracts and posters accepted for SOE 2025 Congress are under media embargo until the date and time of their presentation as part of the official scientific sessions.

Please refer to the Congress website for exact details.

Copyright to abstracts on the website and in the printed material resides with the respective authors.

No reproduction, re-use or transcription for any commercial purpose or use of the content is permitted without the written permission of the authors.

Permission for re-use must be obtained directly from the author.

For further information please contact: